Apply for FG Conditional Cash Transfer | CCT USSD Codes for All States to Check Status (November 2023)

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Apply for FG Conditional Cash Transfer | CCT USSD Codes for All States to Check Status (November 2023)

Empowering Nigerians Through the CCT USSD Code Program

The Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program in Nigeria, powered by the Federal Government, is a lifeline for many struggling households. This program, designed to alleviate poverty and enhance human capital development, offers financial support to vulnerable families across the nation. To ensure that beneficiaries can conveniently access this assistance, the government has introduced a CCT USSD Code system, which serves as a powerful tool for tracking status and receiving real-time updates on cash transfers. This article explores the CCT program, its eligibility criteria, the registration process, and how you can check your beneficiary status using USSD codes.

Federal Cash Transfer Program Eligibility: Are You Qualified?

Before you can take advantage of the Federal Cash Transfer (CCT) program, it’s crucial to determine if you meet the specified criteria. The program is designed to support individuals and households facing economic hardships. Here are the primary eligibility criteria:

  1. No Banking Experience: This category includes individuals who have never engaged with a banking institution or its services.
  2. Tech Laggards: If you lack advanced technological devices like smartphones and do not participate in social media networks, you may qualify for the program.
  3. Educationally Left Behind: The program aims to assist those who have not had the opportunity to access formal education.
  4. Facing Economic Hurdles: If you are grappling with financial challenges and struggling to make ends meet, you may meet the program’s eligibility requirements.

If these descriptors resonate with your situation or that of someone you know, you may be eligible for the Federal Cash Transfer program. However, it is advisable to review the specific program details or consult with the relevant authorities for a comprehensive understanding.

How to Register for Nigeria’s N25,000 Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) in 5 Easy Steps

Unlike most other programs, you cannot directly apply for the CCT. Instead, it follows a community-centric approach:

The Nigeria Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program is a social safety net initiative that provides financial assistance to impoverished and vulnerable households. Its objectives are to reduce poverty, improve household consumption levels, and promote investment in human capital. To qualify for the CCT program, households must be registered on the National Social Register (NSR). Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a part of the program:

Step 1: Visit a YESSO Centre

The Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) is the agency responsible for implementing the CCT program in Nigeria. To initiate your registration for the CCT program, you must visit a YESSO Centre. Fortunately, YESSO Centres are spread across all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. You can easily find the address of the nearest YESSO Centre by visiting the YESSO website or contacting the YESSO toll-free number.

Step 2: Consult with a YESSO Worker

Upon arriving at a YESSO Centre, you will be greeted by a YESSO worker. Engage in a conversation with the YESSO worker, who will ask you a series of questions to determine your eligibility for the program. During this interaction, they will also collect basic information about you, including your name, address, and phone number.

Step 3: YESSO Compiles a List

The YESSO team will compile a list of all applicants interested in the CCT program. This list undergoes review by the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO) to ensure that all applicants meet the eligibility criteria.

Step 4: NCTO Evaluates the List

The NCTO carefully reviews the list of applicants and selects those who will be enrolled in the Cash Transfer program. Several factors, such as the household’s income, the number of dependents, and the household’s location, influence this selection process.

Step 5: Collect Your ID Card

If you are chosen to participate in the Cash Transfer program, you will receive an ID card from YESSO. This ID card is essential for collecting your Conditional Cash Transfer payments each month.

Additional Information

The CCT program is designed to support Nigerian families that are experiencing financial hardships or have limited resources. To participate, households must be included in the National Social Register (NSR). Once they are part of the list, they can sign up for the CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer) program at any YESSO Center. This program provides financial assistance to families, with the condition that they fulfill specific requirements, such as ensuring their children attend school regularly and receive regular health check-ups. The program is not a one-time assistance but provides ongoing monthly support directly to families’ bank accounts. This helps families not only with immediate financial relief but also encourages investment in their children’s education and health, ultimately improving their prospects for a better future.

CCT USSD Codes for All States in Nigeria

To check your beneficiary status, you don’t need to wait in the dark. The CCT USSD Code program has been tailored for each state in Nigeria. Below are the USSD codes for different states:

  • Akwa Ibom (Ikono LG): 969197#
  • Bayelsa (Yenagoa): 96931#
  • Abuja: 96967#
  • Katsina: 96977#
  • Adamawa: 96922#
  • Yobe: 96912#
  • Maiduguri: 96910#

For More Information

If you require further details, we recommend visiting the official government website or reaching out to the designated authorities. The Federal Government’s CCT program extends a helping hand to those in desperate need. By understanding the eligibility criteria and utilizing the CCT USSD Code, you can quickly determine if you or someone close to you is a beneficiary. Initiatives like these bring hope to many, providing them with an opportunity for a better life. Stay updated with “Naijaonpoint” by being a part of our community.


  • What is the Conditional Cash Transfer program? It is a Nigerian government initiative to assist those facing economic hardships.
  • How do I apply for the CCT program? You don’t apply directly; beneficiaries are selected through a community-centric process.
  • Can I use the CCT USSD Code to apply for the program? No, these codes only help check if you’re a beneficiary.
  • Who are the primary targets for this program? The program primarily targets the most economically disadvantaged members of society.
  • Where can I get more details about the CCT program? The official government website is a good place to start your research.