Apple Vision Pro could launch in March 2024, alongside new MacBooks

Apple Vision Pro Design

Apple seems to have set the launch date for the upcoming Vision Pro VR headset to March. Earlier this year, the company showed off its coming VR product, which will be the first of its kind and usher the company into the VRI industry. However, despite showing off the product to the global community, fans have to wait for months before they can get their hands on it.

A new report now defaults to previous info that this VR headset would hit the launch stage in January. A report from Mark Gurman points to March as the launch month of the upcoming Apple VR products. This launch will take place in the US before expanding access to other regions in the months following.

Apple initially thought that it could make this coming VR headset available for purchase in January 2024. However, this plan of the tech giant doesn’t seem to be possible as they are now pushing the launch date a few months further. This will give the company time to finalize things with the coming VR product before making it available for retail.

The Apple Vision Pro will become available for purchase in March 2024 along with some MacBooks

Apple is preparing its first product for the VR industry and it’ll launch in a few months. March 2024 has been set as the launch date of the coming products and it’ll be accompanied by MacBook Pro models. Just like the coming VR products, these MacBook Pro models will be the first of their kind to hit the global audience.

The MacBook Pro models to launch in March 2024 will feature OLED screen display technology. They might also bring some performance improvements thanks to a new processor. But the coming Vision Pro VR headsets don’t have a predecessor to outperform.

They are the first of their kind, and Apple will retail this product unlike they would any other product. Third-party sales of the Vision Pros might not be possible, as Apple will require buyers to customize their headsets. This customization will include prescription lenses, fitted headbands and so much more.

Giving third-party retailers access to all these customization parts might be quite daunting. For this reason, Apple will perform retails on their official website or physical stores via appointments. So getting one of these headsets might be a bit of a hassle for some buyers.

At the moment, the visionOS that’ll run on the coming VR headsets is in testing. Developers are getting their apps and services to run smoothly here for a great user experience. More details on this coming product will become available as its launch approaches.