Android Auto redesign: Google Maps gets a sleek navigation facelift

Google Maps on Android Auto is receiving a redesign update, which includes refinement to the navigation button layouts. The changes are currently available in Google Maps v11.104.0100 and Android Auto v10.8 through the Play Store.

The redesigned navigation section in Google Maps brings several key changes to the forefront. One noticeable adjustment is the relocation of the estimated travel time, now boldly displayed at the top of the screen. Below, users can find information on distance and the estimated time of arrival (ETA), allowing for quick reference while driving.

Furthermore, the update includes redesigned buttons, providing a cleaner and less cluttered appearance. These buttons offer essential functions, such as stopping navigation, exploring alternate routes,

searching for additional locations, viewing stops along the route, and accessing an overflow menu with additional options. Notably, the divider line that previously separated sections in the layout has been removed, creating a more streamlined look.

Google Maps on Android Auto gets more functional with the refined design

The changes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also improve the functionality of Google Maps on Android Auto. This redesign aligns well with the recent introduction of a new sidebar on Android Auto, creating a cohesive and more efficient user experience.

While the update is rolling out with Google Maps version 11.104.0100 and Android Auto version 10.8, it’s important to note that this may be a server-side change, reports Android Police. What it means is that it might not be available to all users immediately. However, Google’s commitment to refining Android Auto and Google Maps shows that the company is actively working to make the platform more responsive and user-friendly.

Additionally, Google resolved an issue in June 2023 that prevented users from accessing Maps on their phones when using Android Auto in their vehicles.

This attention to improvements in Android Auto reflects Google’s aim to enhance the driving experience for users.

android auto redesign updateandroid auto redesign update
Credit: 9to5Google