“And the rest is history”- Reactions as Mary Remmy Njoku shares old photo of herself and husband

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ROK TV boss and actress Mary Remmy Njoku has shared a throwback photo of herself and husband, Jason Njoku when they met first time.

On Instagram, Mary Njoku shared a photo taken on the 14th of January 2011, a few days after her husband clocked 30.. The filmmaker noted that she was approached by him for a picture.

Sharing the photo, she wrote, “First day we met. 14th January 2011.He just turned 30. He requested a picture with me. See him standing like a gentleman”

Actress Uche Ogbodo, Mike Ezunroye, Jenifer Eliogu, Chidi Ebere and others reacted beautifully to the photo.

Jenifer Eliogu wrote, “And the rest is HiSTORY.”

Chidi Ebere wrote, “That day for ur mind make I do shakara lol,u no no say man came prepared….more blessings together”


“I prayed to God to make me a billionaire but I didn’t specify the currency”- Mary Njoku laments, cautions future billionaires

Mary Remmy Njoku, a Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has educated future billionaires on the most valuable currency to become wealthy with.

She admitted that she had prayed to God for years to become a billionaire, but she did not specify what currency she desired.

According to the actress, some people are only billionaires in Ugandan Shillings.

She warned future billionaires not to repeat such mistakes and to be specific in their prayers to God, citing herself as an example.

She went on to lament the fact that the Nigerian economy prevents many millionaires from even enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Her post reads: “For years I prayed to God to make me a Billionaire. But I forgot to specify the currency. Well, it’s not too late Sha!

Dear fellow future Billionaires, don’t make the same mistake, be specific when you’re communicating with your heavenly Provider. Cos some of us na Billionaires in Ugandan Shillings.”

Captioning her post, Mary Njoku wrote: “These days even millionaires in naira cannot live a very comfortable life.”