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Anambra: APGA dismisses ‘false alarm’ over collapsing flyover bridges

From Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Onitsha

All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) has cautioned opposition political parties to stop raising ‘false alarm’ over three collapsing flyover bridges in Awka, Anambra State.

The party said that ‘false alarm’ by oppositions will not help them to win the November 6th governorship election but with a genuine campaign to sell themselves with facts and not with falsehood.

The National Coordinator of the APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evang Chinedu Obigwe, while reacting to the false alarm described it as a fallacy and capable of creating unnecessary tension in the state.

‘The opposition in Anambra are truly fooling themselves by thinking that they can use blackmail and false alarm to win the November 6th governorship election. My reason for saying this is because the claim that the three flyovers in Awka are collapsing is a false alarm,’ he said.

‘That bridge was certified okay and strong for commuters use by the President of Nigeria Society of Engineers during the period they had a national programme event in Anambra. Most importantly, the IDC construction company that handled the Awka flyovers project are known for quality projects delivery.

‘They started working in Anambra State during Peter Obi regime and Governor Obiano retained their services. The little crack that made the opposition to be raising a false alarm of the collapse of the flyover is not at the beam of the Aroma flyover.

‘Another thing is that the 17 billion naira they are quoting as the cost of the three flyovers project is a concocted tissue of lies from the pit of hell. The cost of the three flyovers is not even up to 5 billion.

‘It’s important to also say that the three flyovers project were executed when Architect Calistus Ilozumba was still the Commissioner for Works and I remember Ilozumba telling me how he convinced Governor Obiano to execute that project. Architect Calistus Ilozumba also served as Commissioner for Works during Peter Obi’s regime and Governor Obiano retained him for some years.

‘If that bridge has a problem, the Nigeria Society of Engineers will raise alarm and not disgruntled Anambra opposition elements that are beer parlour and hairdressing salon gossipers.

‘Whether the opposition likes it or not the Awka flyovers project will be counted among the enviable signature projects of Governor Obiano’s administration that gave Awka Capital City a befitting facelift. The people of Anambra should ignore the claim of the collapse of the flyovers project because it’s a false alarm,’ Obigwe stated.

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