AI will help you design your next phone case

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AI is good at many things. Ao it should come as no surprise that it will be able to help you design your phone case. That’s right; popular phone accessory brand PopSockets just introduced its AI Customizer. This is a service that will use generative AI to craft your next phone case.

The PopSockets AI Customizer could design your next phone case

So, we’ve all been through the pain of scrolling through case designs and not being able to find the design we like. Well, PopSockets has a solution to this problem. According to the report, the company will let you generate your own designs using generative AI and slap it on a case.

Popsockets didn’t design its own image model or anything like that; however, it enlisted the help of one of the best models out there. The company generates its images through stable diffusion. When you use the tool, you’ll enter the prompts that you want it to generate.  In generative AI fashion, the service will produce several designs per prompt. You’ll choose which one you like the best and put that on a case

$100,000 contest

Right now, you can use this tool in the US. You can go in now and start making your new case. Making a cool design will grant you a cool new case, but it could also award $100,000. The company is now offering a contest to see who can come up with the best design. That’s a major incentive to try out this new service.

Right now, we don’t know much information on this contest, but it’s still interesting. It could help raise attention about AI tools that the company might be working on. With so many companies using generative AI to deliver more experiences, who knows what other companies will have an idea like this one?