AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Smartwatch of 2023 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series still offers the best feature of any smartwatch

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Watch 6 series and launched it earlier this year, there wasn’t much difference visually. If there was anything visually different at all. But that isn’t what makes the Galaxy Watch 6 series an excellent pair of devices. It’s what’s underneath that was capturing the hearts of users the most. The improved performance, the better battery life, and the arrival of Wear OS 4. These are the backbone of what people love about the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic also still offers the best feature of any smartwatch. The rotating bezel. It’s no secret that we love the rotating bezel as much as everyone else. It just makes navigating the watch interface so much easier than swiping through menus or using a tiny digital crown. Plus it has that satisfying ever-so-subtle click as you twist the bezel. It’s also an intuitive way to navigate the menus.

But it’s not just the rotating bezel that makes the watch great. And there are quite a few noteworthy things that you can find on both models. Not the least of which is the price, as you can grab a Galaxy Watch 6 for around $230 on sale right now.

Samsung has perfected the refined smartwatch experience

As smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic are essentially the complete package. They offer great design and functionality and come in at an affordable price point. This is really where the Galaxy Watch 6 shines. Aside from the lack of a rotating bezel, the Galaxy Watch 6 has everything you could need. A large display, great battery life compared to past models, and a robust feature list.

When it comes to what you would want a smartwatch for, the Galaxy Watch 6 offers it all. It’s got excellent sleep tracking and the sleep coaching does a great job of guiding the user to better sleep. Because Samsung knows that if you’re well-rested you’re more likely to have a better day. The Galaxy Watch 6 also offers the biggest display Samsung has ever put on a watch. This makes things a lot more glanceable and easy to read. Whereas some smartwatches make you feel like you have to squint just to see what’s on the display.

And we can’t forget that the watches this year now have more automatically tracked workouts than before. If you’re wearing your watch with the express purpose of tracking your workouts, sometimes you just want to get straight to it. Instead of fumbling around with apps and such. And with the Galaxy Watch 6 series, you’ll be able to do more of that. It’s for all of these reasons that our readers chose the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series as the Best Smartwatch of 2023.