AH Awards: Best Gaming Phone of 2023 – ASUS ROG Phone 7

Best Gaming Phone 2023 jpg.webp

ASUS has continued to pave the way for gaming phones with the ROG Phone 7.

The gaming phone segment has expanded significantly over the last few years. New companies have come out of the woodwork to toss their hat in the ring for market share. And this competition has pushed everyone forward to deliver on subsequent releases continually. In 2023 it all culminated with the ROG Phone 7 series, which includes the ROG Phone 7 and the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate. Both models have been a beacon of sorts to push the boundaries of what a gaming phone could be.

Delivering unbeatable performance, best-in-class features, and an ever-improving design. It’s interesting going back and looking at past ROG Phone devices to see how the design has shifted to a more subtle style yet still undeniably “gamer.” And that shows ASUS has taken feedback about its flagship mobile gaming device to heart and applied it. The ROG Phone 7 Ultimate has been my main device for the better part of 2023. And it’s because of all these improvements. As a mobile gaming enthusiast, the phone has just been too good not to use.

I attribute this mostly to a few of the device’s stellar gaming-centric features, such as the two front-facing speakers tuned by DIRAC. But the AirTriggers and hyper-efficient cooling have been amazing too. Years ago, I could have only dreamed of using a ROG Phone device for hours of gaming without it getting uncomfortably warm. The ROG Phone 7 doesn’t have this problem. And I am no longer required to snap on the AeroActive Cooler just to keep the phone at a manageable temperature to hold it. However, it does still help the phone perform more optimally.

The point is I can just pick up the phone and play a game like Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail and the phone isn’t going to irritate my hands after an hour or two.

The battery life is once again top-notch – game for hours

With a gaming phone, you want the battery to last a while. The ROG Phone devices have never really had a problem with this. But, they have better over the years. And the ROG Phone 7 has continued this trend. I can comfortably game for hours without draining the battery down completely. And if it ever gets to a point where I feel like it might be getting too low, I can just plug the phone in.

Naturally, the best part about that is the side USB-C port. This is in addition to the main charging port on the bottom. By plugging in the cable here I can still hold the phone in landscape mode to play games without the cord getting in the way. Again, though, this is rarely needed since the phone will be just fine for a few hours without needing a charge. And a few hours is generally all I spend playing games on my phone anyway. On top of all that, the ROG Phone 7 charges up incredibly fast. Thanks to the included 65W charger, I get a full battery from 0% in under an hour.

These reasons are why we here at Android Headlines voted to award the ASUS ROG Phone 7 the Best Gaming Phone of 2023.