AH Awards: Best Battery Life Phone of 2023 – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Even power users will struggle to drain the Galaxy S23 Ultra battery

Battery life can be such a fickle thing when it comes to devices, and it’s more important than ever that our phones are capable of lasting through the day. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can do that and then some. Samsung made some huge improvements to the battery on its flagship Galaxy S device this year. And thanks to those improvements, during our review we were consistently able to get around 9-10 hours of screen-on time on any given day. Not an easy task for a smartphone these days. Not when we do so much with them daily.

And especially not when they have large, bright displays like the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Regardless, Samsung was able to work its magic and provide a phone that can outlast the user. And it’s for this reason that we here at Android Headlines agreed to give the Galaxy S23 Ultra the award for Best Battery Life Phone of 2023.

The battery life, of course, is not the only good thing about this phone. It’s certainly a standout feature. But far from the only praise-worthy accomplishment that Samsung was able to achieve with this device. The Galaxy S23 Ultra also has one of the best displays of any phone this year. This is even more impressive because of all the phone options out there. Samsung had plenty of stiff competition. Yet the Galaxy S23 Ultra remained near the top.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a camera that can rival Google’s Pixel phones

Google’s Pixel phones usually have the best camera of any phone every year. This year, though, Samsung was right on Google’s heels with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. A big part of this was the improvement Samsung made to its portrait mode.

This hasn’t always been the best on Samsung’s devices. But with the Galaxy S23 Ultra portrait mode, images come out with great quality. Much more than Samsung cameras have provided in the past. It has little issue with cutting out the subject of your shots while more accurately blurring the background. Resulting in a crisp image that highlights what you’re trying to focus on.

In addition to the improved portrait mode photos, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a new 200MP sensor. Between this and the phone’s 50MP sensor, you’ll get highly detailed images with a significant amount of bokeh effect. Plus, the 200MP sensor has a much quicker shutter speed. That wasn’t the case with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its 108MP sensor, which was known for being quite slow.

While perhaps more minor, it still feels like a big quality-of-life upgrade. Because now when using the 200MP sensor for more detailed photos, you’ll be able to get the shots faster. And there’s less of a chance you’ll miss what you’re trying to take a picture. When it comes down to it, Samsung has made some huge strides with its flagship Galaxy phone this year. Meaningful improvements easily make it one of 2023’s best phones. And for those who value battery life over everything else, you’ll find none better than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.