AH Award: Best Tablet of 2023 – Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Samsung proved that the company is still on top of the Android tablet market this year

Over the years, as the tablet market declined, Samsung has always been the company to put the most energy into its tablets. This year, it brought the Galaxy Tab S9 series of premium tablets to the market. they improved over their predecessors in so many ways.

They mostly improved with the overall experience. If you’re planning on getting one of these tablets, then you’re looking to get some serious work done. Well, the Galaxy Tab S9 devices are built around work. They all come with the latest and greatest hardware on the market that gives them a boost in power. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing on these tablets, they’re always going to give you a powerful experience.

If you’re trying to do work, plan your day, write your report, do research, or do any other power-heavy task, you can count on these tablets to give you a smooth experience. All three of the tablets, the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, use the same processor, so you’ll get an equally powerful experience no matter which one you pick up.

These screens are to die for

These are Samsung products, so you know that you’re getting an amazing display experience. Samsung is “The Display Company”, and it calibrates its screens to work perfectly with its devices. This means that they’re going to look beautiful. You’re going to want to use this tablet as your main media device when you’re not around your TV.

The screens use Samsung’s superior AMOLED technology which means that all of the colors are going to look gorgeous. As for the brightness, you’ll be able to use these tablets in direct sunlight without any issues. So, if you find yourself using any of these tablets outside, then you won’t need to worry about covering the screen. The display is one of the best parts of these tablets.

We can’t forget about the audio

The Galaxy Tab S9 tablets come with a set of four high-quality AKG-tuned speakers that all sound absolutely amazing. Everything from the bass to the treble to the vocals sounds spectacular. You won’t need to bring your Bluetooth speaker with you if you have either one of these tablets. The speakers are all loud, full, punchy, and well-balanced.

It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to music or watching movies, everything will be that much better with these speakers. These, coupled with the amazing screens make these a media-watching tour de force!

If you’re looking for a great tablet to complement your work life, then you’ll want to look into one of these Galaxy Tablets. Their power, displays, speakers, and overall usability are why we gave them the AH award for the best Tablet series of 2023.