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Aggrieved Politicians Responsible For The Insecurity In Imo State-Uzodinma

Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has disclosed that some politicians in his state decided to cause mayhem as they instigated violence.

According to him, some disgruntled politicians in concert with militants and other criminal elements have unleashed violence in the state known traditionally for its peace and hospitality. He addressed the people of his state today to mark the May 1 holiday.

His statement read:

Today is a great day for workers all over the globe. May 1st, otherwise known as May Day is traditionally reserved World over to celebrate workers. To celebrate the noble sacrifices workers have made to ensure better working conditions for all workers. Some of them paid with their lives just to secure a better tomorrow for the working class.

Notwithstanding these daunting challenges, we did not just hit the ground running but did so with uncommon courage and innovation which has changed our dear state for the better. Prominent in this regard is the complete digitalization of the fiscal operations of the state which has greatly reduced corruption in the public sector. Behind this revolutionary automation exercise is a data centre that is ranked the best in the country.

Fortunately for us, during the trying times of the automation process, the organized Labour stood firmly behind us. This is the time to appreciate you the workers for your solidarity and maturity. Thank you very much indeed.

I am glad to note that as the saying goes, after the rain comes sunshine. Today our payroll system is fully automated and our workers and pensioners are paid regularly as and when due, except for the few that still have issues with their data information. However, these issues are being resolved expeditiously and all those affected are assured of the prompt payment of their outstanding arrears once their issues are resolved.

You will recall that after addressing the payroll system, I tackled the issue of welfare for Imo workers. Apart from ensuring that I secured a conducive working environment for you through rehabilitation of the Secretariat and provision of critical infrastructure therein, I saw to it that official vehicles were provided for Permanent Secretaries to ease their transportation problems. I followed it up by providing free buses for junior civil servants. These have been running religiously.

You would have noticed that disgruntled politicians in concert with militants and other criminal elements have unleashed violence in our state known traditionally for its peace and hospitality. Unable to contain themselves over the developmental strides of our administration in just one year, these enemies of our state have devised devious ways of not only distracting us but striking fear in our citizens. Some of them have even come out to unmask their real intention which are to make the state ungovernable.

Let me assure the good people of Imo State that investigations to unmask the sponsors of these security breaches in the state have reached an advanced stage. Very soon the long arm of the law will expose and prosecute them



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