After Weeks in Police Detention, Mr Ibu’s Adopted Daughter, Jasmine Regains Freedom, Cleared of All Allegations

ibu daughter jasmine

Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of veteran actor John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, has been absolved of the allegations leveled against her.

Jasmine and Ibu’s son were detained at Alagbon Police Station last month.

Doris Ogala, an actress, broke the news, alleging that Mr Ibu’s wife had ordered their arrest for allegedly transferring N300 million from the actor’s account. According to sources, Mr. Ibu’s wife allegedly requested that they utilize the money provided to her husband’s treatment to buy her a new house.

Jasmine was released from the police station after nearly two weeks and her name was cleared of all allegations.

In a video captured online, a man had declared Jasmine free of all charges as he revealed that their findings showed that Jasmine had nothing to do with the money being transferred.

“Finally, the case about Jasmine and Ibu’s family has been resolved.

After our findings, we discovered that Jasmine didn’t have anything to do with the money that had been transferred”, the man said.