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After soldiers seized Boko Haram commander’s car, See the food that was recovered from them

Last updated on January 11, 2021

The Nigerian army has been trying their possible best to put an end to a terrorist group known as Boko Haram and fortunate for the Nigerian army, they have been recording a lot of success in their recent missions to put an end to Boko Haram.

A Nigerian soldier identified as Affan on twitter recently took to his official twitter account to make a shocking revelation that the Nigerian army were successful in their recent mission and they were also able to seize Boko Haram commander’s car.

The soldier claimed that they were able to seize Boko Haram commander’s car then he urged people to check his twitter fleets to get more details about the mission. In his words, he said “We collect B’haram commander Hilux today, check fleet, Pray for more victory”. See the screenshot of his post below:

On the Nigerian soldier’s twitter fleet, it could be seen that he said “see their food” before he shared a picture of the food that was recovered from Boko Haram during their mission. See the screenshots below:

In the picture of the food that the Nigerian soldier posted on twitter, multiple unidentified fruits, an object inside a yellow nylon and rice inside a black nylon were recovered from the brutal terrorist group.

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