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Africa has potential to feed itself and thrive through agricultural exports – President Ruto asserts


Speaking at the Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 in Dar Es Salaam, President Ruto bragged about the vast untapped agricultural potential across the continent.

He also highlighted the need for African nations to collaborate and harness their unused resources, saying, “We must utilise the enormous arable lands that we have to our advantage.”

In his speech, President Ruto also mentioned the importance of engaging the youth in agriculture, citing the favourable climate and deliberate efforts to involve young people as factors that will enhance food stability in Africa.

He asserted, “A new narrative around agriculture will make it attract more young people who can help us produce more efficiently,” and proposed the adoption of new technology and increased mechanisation as key strategies.

He shared the government’s plan to subsidise production, adding that efforts are underway to address post-harvest losses through the purchase of mobile dryers and the improvement of market infrastructure.