Actress says that AI is terrifying & needs serious regulations

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The actress popular for her role in the HBO Max series Succession has a few things to say regarding AI and its usage. In an interview with the BBC, Sarah Snook chipped in a thing or two about her fear of AI and its usage in various industries. Quoting her, she says that AI “is terrifying” and goes on to point out things that make her quiver at the technology.

During the interview, she goes on to state that regulations need to be put in place on the usage of AI technology. Of particular focus for the actress was the acting industry, and she gave an impressive example of the technology’s abuse. Well, she doesn’t just single out the need for AI regulations in the acting industry, but other industries around the world.

However, she feels that the acting industry can set a precedent for other industries to follow. This will involve putting checks and balances on the usage of AI technology. An area the actress uses to point out the terrifying powers of AI has to do with impersonation.

Sarah Snook uses deep fake impersonation to emphasize the need for AI regulations across the board

Over the past few months, netizens have seen fake videos and voice recordings of various popular people. These videos and voice recordings look so real that some people promote them, thinking that the person impersonated said or did the things they heard or saw. Recently, Scarlett Johansson’s AI voice clone was put to use in an ad that she knew nothing about.

During her BBC interview, Sarah Snook points out the AI deep fake of Tom Cruise making the rounds on the internet. Musicians have had scammers make music with their voices using AI and sell them online. Scammers are now utilizing AI technology for making scam calls and swindling people of their hard-earned money or valuables.

The actress said that “AI is terrifying”

The list pointing out the abuse of AI in various industries goes on and it keeps getting bad. So Sarah Snook’s fear of AI technology can be justifiable to a certain extent. Lots of other people around the world share similar fears as the actress and are clamoring for some regulations to the usage of AI technology.

Actors, governmental agencies, and citizens alike are all calling for AI regulations. This will not only protect user privacy but also reduce the rate of impersonation that is soaring with the use of these technologies. A few days ago, the UK AI Safety Summit took place, with various countries seeking ways to curb the abuse of AI.

It’s good to note that AI is here to stay and can help drive development in various industries. However, with the surge in its abuse, most people fear if it can be any good. In the coming months, strict AI regulations for various industries will roll out to curb its abuse.