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Acne Helped by Honeysuckle Flower



Acne vulgaris of the face, back and chest responds well to a lot of the conventional therapies, for example, Benzoyl peroxide. But this can be improved upon by antiinflammatory agents like Honeysuckle flower/herb. Herbs are gaining a lot of credibility in medicine and growing research is showing them to be beneficial in the treatment of acne vulgaris. The flower extract has been known for many years to be useful in inflamed skin conditions, particularly acne vulgaris.

The acne inflammatory response is an intricate series of reactions that include an activation of white blood cells, the ramping up of the immune system chemicals such as, complement and cytokines, and the production and release of inflammatory mediators and prostaglandins. Inflammation may be acute or chronic and fluctuating depending on the disease course. Herbal treatments such as Honeysuckle, work by reducing or suppressing inflammation.

Honeysuckle is very useful in treating acute illnesses, infections and inflammations. Several popular Chinese formulas contain this herb Honeysuckle. Because it is a naturally occurring antibiotic, honeysuckle, can also be employed to manage infections, caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria. Honeysuckle should ideally be used for acute conditions, and is not meant to be used in the treatment of long term illnesses.

Honeysuckle also is effective in treating internal infections, but conventionally it is used externally for acne and eczematous skin irritation and infections. Honeysuckle has been found useful in alleviating rashes ranging from skin conditions. For these types of skin conditions, honeysuckle is ideally used as a topical compress. For small cuts and bruises that may become infected, a honeysuckle infusion can be applied externally. It is in treating skin infections, that the long stems of the honeysuckle are used.

As an alternative, honeysuckle treatment cleanses and detoxifies the blood, and acts as a fever reducer, it is unknown how it reduces the fever with its very cooling effects. Japanese honeysuckle is best used for such ailments as sore tickly throats, swollen bloodshot eyes and pounding headaches.


Three teaspoons of the leaf and flower infusion can be taken orally three times a day. For skin irritation, honeysuckle should be made into a poultice and applied externally to the skin on a pad of cotton wool. When honeysuckle flower is prepared in capsule form, 11-18 g can be taken daily. It is suggested that both the oral and topical preparations are used. Users of the herb report a slight tingling to the skin and then a mild glowing sensation. What limited medical research that has been done, shows the chemicals in the herb to have a mild antiseptic and antibacterial action together with the reduction of inflammation.

The herb can be applied to individual spots or areas of inflamed spots. The effects are quite dramatic and overnight can reduce a lot of inflammation. The honeysuckle preparation can be obtained online or at any herbalist shop.

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