A test update to solve the storage issue of the Pixel 6 and above

Google Pixel 6 cases AM AH

A new solution to the storage issue on the Pixel 6 and later devices has been seen on the horizon in the form of an OTA update. Google is working on rolling out a ‘Test’ update to the said device.

Shortly after the Android 14 update, some users of the Google Pixel 6 or later found their devices plagued by storage-related issues, ranging from random reboots to losing access to media storage. These problems basically rendered a lot of the devices completely unusable. The severity of the bug prompted Google to take notice.

After users reported the issues, Google soon responded informing that a solution to the storage issues was under development and they would soon roll out the update to the affected models. 

The proposed solution is a ‘Test’ update

In response to the storage issues, Google initially suggested performing a complete factory data reset as a potential fix. However, this solution is far from ideal, as it’s time-consuming and requires you to back up all the files before going ahead.

Recently, Google revisited the problem and introduced a “possible” solution. Unfortunately, Google labels it as a ‘Test’ update. We can expect it to roll out over the next two weeks through Over-the-Air (OTA) distribution. Importantly, only devices that have opted to receive it will receive the download.

How do you get the update on your Pixel 6 or later device?

To access the OTA ‘Test’ Update and potentially resolve the storage issues, affected users will need to complete a Google Form. You should receive the ‘Test’ update within 24 hours of completing the form. Notably, some devices are stuck in a rebooting loop. In this case, you might need to reset your device using the buttons before you can proceed with the update. Google also suggests contacting Pixel Support for alternative solutions.

It’s worth noting that the storage access problem affects devices with multiple users. It includes guest profiles, restricted profiles, and child profiles. So you should avoid creating or logging into secondary profiles on your device until the storage issue is fixed.

In conclusion, this OTA update is a step toward addressing the problem without having to reset your device, which in itself wasn’t a permanent solution.