Since the burial of the mother of Obi Cubana which took place in Oba, a small town in Anambra about two weeks ago, many reactions have been evoked from many people following the display of affluence that transpired on the fateful day.

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Well, some people have started finding ways and means to have Obi Cubana to themselves even though he has tied the knot to a very beautiful woman with who he has brought forth kids.

Replying to a fan’s comment, Jarima said that over 7 million clients out of the 10 million have presented Obi Cubana as their victim for her to work on. She expressed disappointment that she can’t work on him because Obi Cubana is married with kids.

Being desperate to enjoy the good life through this means is not healthy. We all know that the Kanyamata seller, Jaruma provides people with the needed items to make their wish come true.

People, in my opinion, should be aware of the fact that destiny is unique to each individual.
Striving to have Obi Cubana all to oneself isn’t a guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

Again, people should refrain from unnecessarily competing and comparing themselves to others.
Wishing to be like someone isn’t a bad thing, but being desperate to the point of requiring superhuman abilities isn’t a good idea.