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18 People Who Achieved Their Personal Goals And Shared It Online

For people who’ve worked so hard for years to reach their goal, sharing their achievement with others is one way they feel satisfied. At the same time, it motivates others who watch as they smile after getting where they are to do their best.

Whether that’s overcoming physical limitations or learning a completely new skill that changes their life, they all deserve a round of applause. These are people who fought against the odds and worked hard to be proud of who they are today. Just like them, we hope our readers can feel the happiness and be inspired to do the same as well!

“1 year ago I was working an office job, but thanks to Reddit I can now make a living with painting!”


“I am officially 3 years brain cancer free today! I think my scar has healed nicely…”


A gymnast who survived an accident that paralyzes her limbs and found happiness after that all.

This woman is Lais Souza, an artistic gymnast and aerial skier. She was the Brazilian representative for the gymnastic team from 2003 to 2008. She later was qualified to join the 2014 Winter Olympics for aerial skiing. But she sustained an injury to her neck, which paralyzes her neck down. Later, stem cell treatment helped her regain sensations on her limbs, but she’s still unable to move them.

“8 years of failed attempts and one Ivf miscarriage have just made me appreciate this graduation even more!”


“I jumped out of a helicopter and you can see the reflection in my goggles.”


“Hair gains! After a year of cancer, we’re in remission!”


“My wife started yoga exercise exactly one year ago today! My son (5 y.o.) and I couldn’t be more proud!”


“Three years ago I survived cardiac arrest caused by anaphylactic shock. I was lost and depressed and alone, and struggling with the weight of my trauma. Today, I hit two years clean from self harm. I can smile again! It gets better, friends. Keep on fighting. You are not alone.”


“So, this thing happened… The picture on the left was taken three years ago. But I’ve only been in transition since August 2019.”


“I just want to thank all of you for encouraging to stop worrying and to start living! Screw anxiety!”


You might think that you’re feeling lazy, but there’s a chance that the ‘sloth personality’ you have is caused by anxiety. Harvard Health explains, “Sleeping or eating too much or too little can be a sign of depression. So can drinking more alcohol than usual or engaging in risky behavior.”

“It’s normal to be tired at the end of the day. But if you’re tired all the time, it could be due to depression or anxiety,” they added.

“15 years ago cancer took my leg. That hasn’t stopped me from kicking ass.”


“A few years ago I had my prosthesis converted to a pegleg, and sailed across the Gulf of Mexico, then the Caribbean, to Guatemala — and climbed the Mayan pyramids.”


“Made it to Everest base camp! 5,380m.”


“Months after having a massive stroke and recovering in a rehabilitation center, my father was finally able to dance with my mother again.”


“173kgs > 90kgs = 83kgs. 60 months. I’ve gone from wearing an 8XL t shirt to wearing a medium. I didn’t realize I looked like this until I came across some pictures today.”


“275lbs > 190lbs = 85lbs. Found this old pair of pants in the closet and felt like sharing.”


Dr. Michael Craig Miller, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, also added, “Are you anticipating every possible problem and focusing on it rather than looking at the lake or sky or enjoying being with your grandchild?”

These are signs of anxiety disorder, and they can be coupled with mood swings or irritable mood. You may also get extremely critical about things, including yourself.

“1st picture was the peak of my depression. 2nd is a recent one after almost an year of medication and self care.”


“I game my mom (who suffers from debilitating depression and trigeminal neuralgia (often referred to as the ‘suicide disease’)) a makeover & it was the first time I’d seen her genuinely smile in a long time. She kept saying she couldn’t believe she ‘could still look this beautiful anymore.’”


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